Save the Queen

Professor Tempus travelled all the way back to year 1173. He ended up in medieval France, in the Kingdom of Eleonora, where the queen has revolted. As a consequence, she was taken into custody by her husband Hendrik II. The empire wants to rescue her. Therefore, they are looking for loyal and worthy knights who can help them, so that she can reign over the empire again. Professor Tempus has an idea. Through the use of his time machine people from the present can travel back in time to prove they are loyal and worthy knights who can set queen Eleonra free.

Jungle Tribe War

Professor Tempus travelled back in time to year 1986. He ended up in the middle of the jungle. He encounters the Mahotsji and Kerioka tribes who are having a fight. After years of fighting tribe Kerioka recently developed a bomb with the intention of placing it in the living area of tribe Mahotsji. They are in panic and need help now! Professor Tempus is not able to disable the bomb all on his own. Through the use of his time machine he wants to find people from the present who can help him save tribe Mahotsji.